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Andy and Melissa are sailing around the world on their 48-foot sailboat, Spectacle.

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Welcome to

Posted by: andy

Welcome, one and all, to!  This website will chronicle our journey around the world, as well as our pre-departure preparations.   We plan to be underway on or about December 9, so things are starting to happen fast.  You can see our planned timeline in the Course & Timeline section.

The closing on the boat purchase is this coming Monday, July 24.  At that point, we will be the proud owners of Declaire, a 2001 Tayana 48 cutter-rigged blue-water cruising sailboat that will soon be renamed Spectacle.  You can get details about (and see pictures of) Declaire /Spectacle in the sections called Spectacle The Boat and Pictures of Spectacle.

As you might surmise, we are very excited about this addition to the family.